Wellness Retreats & Offsite Sessions

Globally, wellness is increasingly being related to factors beyond just Physical & Emotional Wellness and addressing other factors like Career, Money, Growth, etc. are now acknowledged as major contributors to an individual's stress and anxiety.

The WELLNESS RETREAT addresses the above concerns by bringing about an understanding of MH&W. This enables participants to be aware of various aspects that contribute to their stress and anxiety and provides insights into how to manage them for a healthier and happier life.

The venue is the Botanix Nature Resort which nestles in the foothills of Aravali Hills on the edge of Damdama Lake and is just a 25-minute drive from Gurgaon.

The 30-acre global green park offers a series of theme gardens and the marvels of nature. One can breathe free, de-stress, talk to the trees, and also commune with the butterflies.

Other Events

We also offer a range of events that delve into many other facets related to Wellness. These are curated as per the needs of the organisations and we work wth a team of external facilitators for delivering these,

Workshop Facilitators

Ashish Vidyarthi is a National Award winning actor, who graduated in History from Hindu College, Delhi University and trained at the National School of Drama (N.S.D.). Over the last twenty-two years, he has worked in more than two hundred films across eleven languages. Passionate about acting, travelling, photography, writing, and meeting people while engaging in conversations about life. He sees "The journey as the destination"

Ashish uses life instances, stories and anecdotes that he has continued to observe during his 27-year career as an actor in over 230 films across 11 languages. It inspires him to impact conversations in organisations, such that this "home for the employee" becomes an extraordinary place for people to nurture, value, and recommend to others rather than be waiting to jump ship at the next better monetary offer.

He designs each of the conversation modules, according to the course of action required by the organisation.


Balreet Kaur is a Woman Extraordinaire, whose radiance and beauty comes from deep within. From a lifelong commitment /partnership with Physical, Spiritual, Nutritional Discipline, nourishment and dedication, a woman of substance, whose courage and strength can put ten people to shame. Her highly developed will power and conviction in her beliefs make anything possible; repeatedly proving to us that nothing is impossible.

A Powerhouse of Confidence, Dynamism, Heart and Energy, she is a force to reckon with which any person standing in the same space as she will come to recognise. The Magnetism of her personality, Truth of her being and Alignment of her soul with the Almighty - touches, impacts, and moves all those whom she touches on her journey as a human being.


Dr Vishal Chhabra is a senior consultant psychiatrist with the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Healthcare. He does his clinical practice at Fortis Okhla, Vasant Kunj and Shalimar Bagh.

He has over 12 years of experience in clinical practice after completing his post-graduation while working in various esteemed institutions like IHABS, GTB Hospital, VIMHANS and Metro Group of Hospitals.

He is a well-known academician in psychiatry and published articles in Indexed Journals and has written a Chapter in a Psychiatry Textbook; he is also on the editorial board of the Delhi Psychiatry Journal.

Dr Chhabra has been taking regular talks for the corporate sector and for schools and has been conducting awareness campaigns on mental health for the community

He is currently the General Secretary of Delhi Psychiatric Society.


Capt. Sushil Pachnanda is an Ex Merchant Navy Captain with years of experience In the field of Wellness. He has been working with families, communities and the healthcare fraternity to address various Health and Wellness related issues.

He has been advising and helping many people regarding wellness in India as well as other parts of the world, especially Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, U.K. And Canada.

He strongly believes that a major part of Health in the future will not be Intervention but would shift to Prevention."


Ms.Payal Gandhi is the founder of Tamarai (www.tamarainlp.com) a training company that fosters personal and professional excellence. She is a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Professional in the area of Emotional Wellness and a Corporate Training facilitator and Coach.

Payal has trained both in India and France with UK based Sue Knight, a renowned international authority on NLP at Train the Trainer level.

She has corporate experience of 15 years, as a Learning and Development professional and Coach that spans across consulting, hospitality and travel, healthcare, telecom, IT, engineering, financial institutions, BPOs and law firms in India, Philippines and Singapore.


Rajoshi Vidyarthi is an actor, singer, thinker, and a life coach ....to some. A daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a mother, a friend .... to some.

Her deep connection with music and her zest for life, love and relationships give a depth to her thoughts and beliefs that she nurtures and shares with all those who she meets.

In her words - "I am what I leave behind in the world .. let my life be a message of life .. a celebration every moment"


Mr Rakesh Sharma is an avid advocate and practitioner of spirituality in every field of life. He is a media professional having 46 years of media experience in senior positions with leading media houses of the country.

Currently he is on board of some media companies besides being a Managing Director of India Eye IHRO working on Environment, Senior Citizens, Girl Child, Visually Impaired and Tribes.


Dr.Geetika Virdi holds a Masters in Applied Psychology with Specialization in Clinical Psychology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She has a degree in Psychology (Hons.) from Delhi University. Ms. Geetika is working as a Counselling Psychologist with the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis National Mental Health Program, Fortis Healthcare.

Her work is centered on working with women, to enhance their coping and adjustment to various life transitions such as pregnancy, child birth, infertility and loss. Yet another area of interest for her is mental health, and she has been conducting workshops with schools and corporates across India along with her team.


Abhishek says "Start Believing in Yourself rest everything will follow". He has delivered motivational talks in TCS, Orkash, Deloitte, Group of 40 CFO's, GD Goenka School and other corporates and institutions.

By living a disciplined life and focused attitude Abhishek has won the prestigious Title of ULTRAMAN and 2 times IRONMAN. With the win win of mind over heart and age old secured future definition, Abhishek completed his engineering and Masters in Marketing & International Business to enter the never ending corporate race.

Abhishek realized that running is mediation for him. He finished several, Half Marathons, marathons, Ultra runs and worlds toughest Triathlons.

Glimpses of Past events

Apart from the above, we also offer a range of workshops that delve into many other facets related to Wellness. These wokshops are curated as per the needs of the organisations and we work wth a team of external facilitators for delivering these,