Organizations need to invest in mental health education.

People are dealing with challenges that are often invisible, undefined, and very difficult to talk about. There is a need to build supportive environments founded on the idea of "psychological safety" and optimizing employee wellness.

Through mental health education, companies can teach employees at every level how to build the vocabulary that is necessary to seek and offer emotional support. Investing in these kinds of initiatives also shows, as an organization, a collective willingness to change and grow in order to better support employees' needs.

Time to make informed choices.

The objective of the Wellness Seekers program is to educate individuals and organisations on the very many aspects that affect their wellness and how best to deal with them by enabling them to start making informed choices.

Causes contributing to employee stress and anxiety.

The employee wellness program addresses the following leading causes of employee stress and anxiety. 1. Emotional Stability 2. Physical Fitness 3. Relationships 4. Career Growth 5. Financial Success 6. Environmental Factors 7. Growth And Learning 8. Peace Of Mind



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Impact measurement can help create systemic, sustainable change and it also drives value creation for an organisation. Do you measure the effectiveness of your Wellness Programs over a period of time?

With our Wellness Self-Assessment Toolkit - you can now measure the change in the overall wellness of your program participants.

Wellness Orientation Sessions

The wellness orientation session introduces the participants to the eight dimensions of wellness, which directly affect mental health and holistic wellness.

The session covers how these dimensions affect our relationships, health, career, money, emotions, intellect, environment, and peace of mind.

Starting from the origin of the 8 dimensions within the western world, the session guides the participants through a deeper understanding of these dimensions as defined even in the ancient Indian scriptures.

Examples, illustrations, and role-plays provide complete clarity on each dimension. In addition to this, the participants get an opportunity to undergo a basic self-assessment on each dimension to measure their wellness quotient.

To suit the convenience of an organisation and its employees, we deliver the orientation session in three modes to choose from - On-ground, Hybrid, or Virtual.

The duration of a virtual session is approximately 4 hours. On-ground sessions last for at least 6-8 hours.

Wellness Workshops for Organisations

The purpose of the wellness workshops is to help improve the work culture, productivity, and the bottom-line in organisations by promoting harmony and well-being amongst employees and teams.

Since the eight dimensions of wellness affect the overall well-being of an individual, these workshops are highly interactive sessions with a deep dive into each dimension of wellness.

Every dimension comprises 3-4 pillars. Pillars are the foundation on which each dimension stands. In addition, each pillar comprises four aspects, which provide clarity on that particular pillar. All the eight dimensions are interconnected with each other and not in isolation. Hence, their respective pillars and corresponding aspects are also interconnected.

These sessions include role-plays, shared experiences, and real-life examples, which elaborate the pillars and their aspects. At the end of each dimension, there is a detailed self-assessment mechanism which enables the participants assess themselves to identify where they currently stand.

Subsequent to these 8 assessments, the participants will need to develop relevant action plans to raise the bar of the dimension of their choice.

At a time, one workshop will address one dimension of wellness and we conduct it in any of the three modes - On-ground, Hybrid, or Virtual.

The duration of a virtual session is approximately 8 hours. On-ground sessions last for at least 2 days.

Just like technology, human resources, physical assets, and intellectual & financial resources are a company's assets, happiness is also a corporate asset.

It is a potential and dynamic resource that can be measured and appropriately leveraged.

So, if you can have a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Intelligence Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Financial Officer - Why not a Chief Wellness Officer?

Even though they are very few in numbers today - make no mistake - their numbers are growing. These leaders are revolutionising the employee experience to change work for good.

Organisations are realising that in today's volatile business environment, elevated levels of stress and anxiety amongst the employees are having severe effects on their wellbeing. They are fast becoming a major cause for breakdowns and burnouts that spell disaster for businesses of all sizes across industries

There was never a greater need than today to look after the well-being of business leaders and employees as most of us are aware of the connection between employees' health and high performance.

So be it part-time or fullitime - it is time now to hire your own Chief Wellness Officer.

Our Wellness Coaches are available to serve as Wellness Officers at organisations.

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Wellness Mentoring

There are multiple resons for our stress and anxiety.

Most of these are interdependant and addressing only one aspect cannot solve the problem.

While the cause may be any one - but its ripple affects are felt across many other aspects.

Our team of Wellness Mentors work with you to understand and address the problem across the various aspects.

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