Holistic Wellness Programs

that go beyond

Physical and Emotional


Wellness Seekers Academy

Our wellness programs are the result of over 5 years of research and development on Holistic Wellness.

Our work addresses wellness needs of Individuals, Students, Employees, Institutions, Organisations, and States.

All our programs use our Wellness Indices - which measure wellness at an individual, organisational, community, or state level.

Each of the above address Holistic Wellness spanning the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

People today are dealing with the isolation, stress, and anxiety that has been aggravated by the pandemic.

There is a dire need for interventions that can supplement their learnings and experiences and help them minimise the psychological impact of what they are having to deal with!

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness include our emotional, psychological, occupational, financial, spiritual, and social well-being among others.

Employee Wellness Programs



Impact measurement can help create systemic, sustainable changes and drive value creation for an organisation as well. Do you measure the effectiveness of your Wellness Programs over a period of time?

With our Wellness Self-Assessment Toolkit, you can now measure changes in the overall wellness of your program participants.

Online Wellness Courses

We offer online courses on Holistic Wellness. Start your journey with the Foundation Course and follow it up with the Advanced Courses on each of the 8 Dimensions.

Courses for Colleges & Universities

It is time for colleges and universities to start putting the health and wellbeing of their students first. As they come closer to transitioning from the campus to a career phase - they need to understand the finer aspects of managing their mental health and wellness.

The Academy offers credit-based elective courses for the college/university students. These courses are especially designed to address the different aspects of their wellness.

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Wellness Begins at School

The Wellness Seekers Academy has designed academic programs very apt for school students to promote their awareness and holistic wellness for a fulfilling, satisfying, and successful academic and personal life.

There is a seperate Workshop specially designed for School Teachers that enables them also to look after their own overall wellness.

Subsequently they can become mentors or guides for the school children.

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Citizen-centric Wellness Programs

Our citizen-centric wellness programs are deeply rooted in our State Wellness Index which uses a layered approach to understanding the context of wellness of a community and the people living within.

The Wellness Index is derived from two different determinants.

The Individual Determinants are those that affect the individual citizens and are 8 in number. The Social Determinants reflects the state of the community that serves the citizen and are 6 in number.

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Wellness Events & Activities

The Wellness Seekers Academy conducts a variety of events aimed at making participants better understand the concept of Holistic Wellness and make it a part of their daily lives.

These events include Seminars, Workshops, Corporate Offsites, Wellness Retreats, amongst others..

Whle some of these are open events where anyone can register and participate, we also curate specific events for Organisations to address the Wellness needs of their employees.

Wellness Mentoring

There are multiple reasons and aspects for our stress and anxiety.

Most of these are interdependant and addressing only one aspect cannot solve the problem.

While the cause may be any one - but its ripple affects are felt across other aspects.

Our team of Wellness Mentors work with you to understand and address the problems across various aspects.

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Chief Wellness Officer

Just like technology, human resources, physical assets, and intellectual & financial resources are a company's assets, happiness is also a corporate asset. It is a potential and dynamic resource that can be measured and appropriately leveraged.

So, if you can have a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Intelligence Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Financial Officer - Why not a Chief Wellness Officer?

The Chief Wellness Officer brings in a holistic approach to organisational and employee wellness and puts effective learning mechanisms in place. Also brings in wellness measuring tools that generate an employee/team/organisation Wellness Index and uses a mix of these to create workplace wellness.

Our Wellness Coaches also serve as part-time Wellness Officers at various organisations. If you would like to engage our services, please use the form below.